viggo80 image


Key Features

Fully automatic safe autonomous driving
Adaptable to complex scenarios
Sweeping and washing in one
Large battery capacity and water tank

Selected Features

Autonomous obstacle avoidance
Intelligent mapping
Automatic charging, filling, and draining of water
Automatic cleaning of dirty water tank
Cleaning of remaining uncleaned areas
Task planner


  • Dimension::1340x1024x1350
  • Speed(MAX):6.5 km/h
  • Climbing Slope:10°
  • Sensors:16 Line Lidar,Single line lidar,RGBD, Ultrasonic,IMU,Wheel Speedometer,Anti-collision sensor,Anti-fall sensor
  • Working Time:4-5h
  • Battery:36V 200Ah
  • Charging Time:4h(higher voltage,less charging time)
  • Battery changeable:Yes and easy
  • Efficiency(Theoretical MAX):4000m²/h
  • Cleaning Width:8000mm
  • Clean Water Tank:140L
  • Dirty Water Tank:170L
  • Trash Box:1.5L
  • Detergent box:1.5L*2
  • Compensation Clean Function(Going back to clean uncleaned area):Yes