Product Description

With AI voice interaction, KettyBot intelligently greets and interacts with passing through customers by waking up its screen. Such a cute and smart KettyBot would obviously draw more attention than the traditional approach!

Powered by PUDU Scheduler system, the KettyBot can directly communicate with any robot in the same network.

KettyBot automatically provides a voice alert and UI notification when the battery is low, and returns to the docking station [2]simultaneously.

Product Details

  • Machine Dimension:43.5*112cm(17.13*17.72*44.09 inches)
  • Machine weight: 38 kg(8378 pounds)
  • Carrying capacity:30 kg(66.14 pounds)
  • Battery life: 8 h
  • Charging time:4.5h
  • Cruise speed:Max 1.2 m/s (Max 3.94 ft/s)
  • Clearance:55 cm (21.65 inches)
  • Ad display dimension:18.5″
  • Tray size:35.20*34.01 cm (13.86*13.39 inches)
  • Tray height:24.79 cm/25.30 cm/22.30 cm (9.76 inches/9.96 inches/8.78 inches)