REEMAN commercial service robot has the characteristics of intelligent technology, providing services for people's consultation and business processing, and answering questions accurately. It is a service robot that improves work efficiency and reduces labor costs.


  • Maximum Laser Detection Distance: 25m
  • Battery life: 10 hours
  • Charging Method: Manual And Automatic Charging Method
  • Printer: Thermal Printer,Paper Width 50mm
  • ID card recognition:Near-distance non-contact ID card recognition, induction time <25 and distance <30mm.
  • Face recognition: High-precision face recognition
  • Positioning navigation:Lidar+UWB indoor positioning, navigation and obstacle avoidance. The non-navigation version does not have lidar.
  • Athletic ability:The head, arms and chassis have a total of 8 degrees of f reedom of movement. Head and arms: users can progra m various actions; chassis: horizontally and can walk in a ny direction.
  • Display size:13.3-inch (1920*1080)
  • Human-computer interaction:Capacitive full touch panel; full-duplex voice interaction.
  • Material:ABS environmental protection material
  • product weight:About 32KG
  • Product Size (LX W X H):550 mm X 450 mm X 1460 mm