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FlashBot Delivery Robot

Product Description

The new PUDU SLAM solution is built on the multi-sensor fusion of Lidar, Camera, RGBD, and IMU. This proprietary technology enables FlashBot to perform tasks efficiently in complex environments.

The IoT technology allows operating instructions to be transmitted between FlashBot and other devices in the building via a cloud-based network connection. This enables FlashBot to take elevators automatically for delivery across floors.

Product Details

  • Machine Dimension:53.9*51.5*105 cm (21.22*20.28*41.34 inches)
  • Machine weight:55 kg (121.25 pounds)
  • Charging mode:Auto-charging
  • Battery life: 12 h
  • Charging time:4.5h
  • Cruise speed:0.5-1.5 m/s (1.64-4.92 ft/s)
  • Compartment space:2-4 compartment(Adjustable)
  • Payload:Max 30 kg, 15 kg/layer (Max 66.14 pounds, 33.07 pounds/layer)
  • Tray size:43.79*41.00 cm (17.24*16.14 inches)
  • Tray height:28.57 cm (11.25 inches)

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